Hivos International

Why HIV and Human Rights

Hivos supports people in creating a society in which they can participate freely and fully, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. The social recognition and acceptance of everyone’s rights, particularly those of women, LGBT people, people who use drugs and people living with HIV/AIDS, must always be central.

Hivos has always approached HIV/AIDS from a human rights and a development perspective. The vulnerability of people most at risk of being affected – largely a result of socio-economic inequality and power imbalances - is both a cause and a driver of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. We recognise that social exclusion, stigma and discrimination faced by the so-called ‘Most at Risk’ are underlying factors of the spread of the HIV virus. Hence, their rights and their inclusion as full citizens in society are also crucial to halt the spread of HIV.

This is why we put an enormous effort into changing contextual factors, social norms and cultural patterns that undermine the full participation of people in society, hamper effective prevention of HIV and restrict access to services and care for all people affected by HIV.

Hivos has been contributing to the fight against HIV in the Global South for over 25 years and we are currently the one of the largest funders in the field of MSM & HIV/AIDS. Our track record, experience and networks in over 30 countries around the world provide us with a grass-roots basis and international connections that enable us to deliver effective interventions that contribute to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS.