Hivos International

Why Advocacy?

Globalisation has brought problems in the South increasingly to our doorsteps here in the North. What were once “local problems” are now global issues for which we are all responsible and that require the concerted action of policymakers, companies and the public at large to solve.  Hivos is translating these global issues and their solutions into the core of our work by means of an issue-based agenda. This will allow us to scale up change and achieve greater impact through our programmes & campaigns.

It is a well-documented fact that advocacy can serve as an effective intervention mechanism at the disposal of NGOs and their partners in the pursuit of change and social justice worldwide. Advocacy is also a powerful instrument in the hands of people who want to control their own lives: it can be aimed at directly influencing individual and local circumstances across the globe. Whether conceptually or instrumentally, Hivos does not view advocacy as simply a means to an end, but as part and parcel of our central set of humanist values, embedded in our DNA and behind our unique selling points and strengths.

There are several direct benefits of adopting multi-faceted advocacy efforts into Hivos’ work:

  • integration of Hivos' values into practice
  • a more coherent approach
  • increased credibility
  • enhanced legitimacy of our work

This will ultimately enable Hivos to be a more effective actor for change, with greater impact and occupying a special place within the NGO community at large.