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Theory of change: A thinking and action approach to navigate in the complexity of social change processes

What is a Theory of Change (ToC) and why is it important? This guide to understanding and developing a ToC shows how a ToC helps to configure the conditions needed to achieve desired change, using the experience of a given context. This is done partly by making assumptions explicit and by analysing them critically. It is also a monitoring tool that facilitates accountability. A good ToC allows development practitioners to handle complexity without over-simplification.

This guide is written in 2011. The new guideline of Theory of Change Thinking is published in 2015, built on the years of experiences of Hivos working with a ToC approach. For current thinking and work on the use of Theory of Change thinking in complex change processes, see 

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In recent years there has been an increased interest in applying Theory of Change (ToC) thinking as a way to operate more strategically and effectively in complex change processes. ToC refers to the understanding...

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The purpose of this paper is to explain Hivos’ understanding and use of the concept ‘Theory of Change’, which has become increasingly important in its strategic thinking.

The paper is meant to inform external...

Want to know better how your interventions can contribute to change? A Theory of Change (ToC) approach helps in deepening your understanding - and that of your partners - of how you collectively think...

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