Hivos International

Statutes, regulations, CLA and salary scheme

In keeping with the requirements of the Dutch CBF accreditation, Hivos regularly publishes updated version of it statutes, regulations, Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) and salary scheme. You can find the latest versions of these documents in the right sidebar.

Since 1996, the CBF (Central Bureau for Fundraising) accreditation has been a hallmark for fundraising institutions. The label claims responsible fundraising and spending by non-profit organisations. Any fundraising institution eligible for a CBF accreditation must meet the same criteria and follow the same procedures. It is issued for a period of 3 years, with yearly tests of whether the organisation still meets the set criteria.

The criteria relate to the following topics:

  • administration
  • policy
  • fund-raising, information and communication
  • allocation of resources
  • reporting
  • complaints procedure