Hivos International

Renewable Energy

Energy is a vital driving force for development. Access to energy can alleviate poverty, improve living conditions and propel economic development. However, taking the fossil fuel route straight towards climate change will have disastrous effects, especially for developing countries. Hivos therefore stimulates sustainable development fuelled by clean, renewable energy.

Hivos’ Renewable Energy programme focuses on governments and large corporations as well as people without access to modern forms of energy. Hivos and its partners demonstrate that renewable energy is not a pipe dream or an alternative, but simply the best choice. We do that by making simple, smart and clean off-grid technologies accessible to poor people in remote areas, like biodigesters, biomass briquetting and solar power systems, or mini-grids running on liquid biofuels, amongst others. Read more.

Key Focal Areas

  • More than 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to modern energy in their everyday lives.