Hivos International

Open Contracting Advocacy

The Hivos advocacy strategy on open contracting aims to create open government policies and support civil society in co-shaping and using these policies. As in most programmes, we support, stimulate and sometimes provoke governments, private sector and civil society to create real solutions and find access to information.

In close cooperation with ARTICLE 19, and as strategic partner of the Dutch government, Hivos works to:

  • Publicly disclose open data and information about the planning, procurement, and management of public contracts.
  • Have citizens use this contracting data and participate in decision making around it to make sure the information is used to create positive change.
  • Make sure government agencies or contractors act on the feedback they receive from civil society and companies, leading to better public goods, services, institutions and policies.

Civil society and citizens play a crucial role in this movement towards greater government transparency and accountability. Lobbying and advocacy coalitions will monitor government performance and push for change. To that effect, both having access to government data and the capacity to transform it into actionable information is crucial. Therefore ‘infomediaries’ are the core of our advocacy. They are able to translate the complex data into usable information. They know which policy improvements are needed.

Hivos supports local civil society to get access to global fora, thus linking the regional to the international level, promoting local experiences. To do so we cooperate with initiatives such as the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST), Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) and engaging national civil society coalitions working on national action plans for the Open Government Partnership. We also collaborate with the Dutch government, including the embassies in the seven programme countries, and use advocacy opportunities at intergovernmental fora.