Hivos International

Mapping Agrocultural Biodiversity Initiatives

by Oxfam Novib and Hivos

Agricultural biodiversity truly is a global public good. The variety and variability plants, animals and micro-organisms, developed and managed by farmers over generations, forms the basis of our food system and the cornerstone of food and nutrition security, climate change adaptation and sustainable rural livelihoods. A growing body of evidence indicates that the single-minded focus on production that fuelled the drive for large scale monocultures has produced a food system that isn’t future proof. The ongoing homogenisation of crops, livestock and farming systems renders the industrial agri-food system prone to changes in both the natural as well as the socio-economic environment. There is growing recognition that agricultural biodiversity and the associated knowledge and practice of smallholder farmers, are essential for resilient food systems. Yet for the first time in human history, the last century has seen a dramatic decrease in agricultural biodiversity.

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Here you can download the Worldmap Agrocultural Biodiversity Initiatives  

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