Hivos International

Integrity and Corporate Social Responsibility

Hivos aims for the highest possible integrity in its contact with partners, suppliers, clients, among Hivos staff and in relation to business property.  The focal points of staff policy, i.e. justice, legal security, openness and clarity, individual responsibility and room for initiative, diversity and creativity, also serve as a point of departure for our Integrity Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Integrity Policy

Integrity cannot be guaranteed just by drawing up a number of rules of conduct. Integrity in an organisation also means being open and respectful towards one another, avoiding deception and that management sets good examples through exemplary conduct.

Apart from the contents of the Integrity Policy, Hivos employees are obliged to comply with legal requirements and abide by common social norms and values.

This integrity policy consists of a code of conduct, an internal complaints procedure and a whistle-blowers procedure.

Evaluation and revision

This policy is periodically reviewed and modified to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs and realities of the organisation. This review process is led by the Controller at Head Office in The Hague. His/her findings are published in the Annual Report, and the members of the Works Council and the Supervisory Council are also notified of them.

New employees are specifically informed about the Integrity Policy during their employment conditions interview. By signing the Hivos employment contract, they also sign for receipt of the printed copy of the existing policy.

Our humanist values

Hivos is guided by humanist values. Key humanist values for Hivos are human dignity and self-determination; rejection of dogmatism and authoritarian rule; pluralism and democracy; mutual solidarity; responsible citizenship; respect for people’s cultural and social identity.

These values inform the choices we make regarding the way and with whom we conduct our affairs and the way Hivos staff behaves towards each other and the outside world.

Hivos Social Responsibility Policy

Our commitment to social responsibility is a consequence of our values and the resolution to act consistently with the Hivos programmes. Sound social responsibility also contributes to strengthening these values. Taking responsibility means being transparent and accountable for the choices one makes and the things one does.

We focus our social responsibility policy on the following themes, based on our humanist values, practicality, added value and consistency with our programmes and campaigns:
· Integrity and embodying the Hivos Values
· Diversity and Equality
· Good Employment Practices
· Environmental Stewardship

Our Corporate Social Responsibility document defines each theme and sets out what they mean for Hivos. It also outlines how we interact with partners, donors, suppliers and partnerships.