Hivos International

Hivos Network

In order to achieve its aims Hivos cooperates with a large array of partners and other civil society organisations, but also businesses, governments, knowledge institutes and funding agencies. With some of these we maintain long-term cooperation agreements. Cooperation may involve important financial components, but the main ground for working together is agreement on development goals.  

Main Dutch partners are the members of the Hivos Alliance. In Europe, we have built a solid network with our partners in the Alliance2015. Joint programmes are implemented with a number of American foundations and national development agencies. As to the corporate sector, Hivos maintains a long-standing and extensive cooperation with the Triodos Bank on financial services provision in the South, as well as with a number of other businesses.

American foundations
Since 2005, Hivos has been working with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. The partnership focuses on the arts and culture in Central Asia. OSF is also a partner in the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, with which Hivos is affiliated.

Hivos works with the Ford Foundation in a wide range of fields: gay rights, women’s rights, financial services and sustainable production. The partnership between Hivos and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation began in 2008. They were actively involved with us in the development and funding of the Twaweza programme. Hivos works with Arcus to promote the rights of sexual minorities. Together with the Omidyar Network Hivos has invested 2 million dollars in the Africa Transparency and Technology Initiative (ATTI) in East Africa.

Dutch organisations
Hivos works with a number of similarly motivated Dutch organisations. Our partnership with Oxfam Novib encompasses arrangements about our respective roles in the South, as well as setting up the knowledge programme about biodiversity. With SNV Netherlands Development Organisation we implement the biogas programmes in Africa, Indonesia and Nicaragua. In the field of AIDS prevention, we continue our involvement with Stop Aids Now! (SAN!). Hivos is an active member of Partos, the sector organisation for Dutch non-governmental development organisations. Hivos’ Executive Director also acts as deputy chair of Partos.

Hivos Alliance
In 2009, Hivos, IUCN NL, Mama Cash and Free Press Unlimited formed a strategic partnership for jointly implement programmes under the MFS-2 co-financing system, based on a long-term strategic plan for the 2011-2015 period. With IUCN NL, the partnership focuses on biodiversity; Mama Cash has worked with us for years to strengthen the women’s movement in the South; and we have an updated media programme running with Free Press Unlimited.

In 2000, Hivos was one of the founders of Alliance2015 - our principal strategic partnership in Europe. The network, which has activities in 76 countries, takes its name from the UN Millennium Development Goals. The other members are Acted (France), Concern (Ireland), Welthungerhilfe (Germany), Ibis (Denmark), Cesvi (Italy) and People In Need (Czech Republic).

Business sector
Since 1994, Hivos has been working enclose partnership with Triodos Bank. This takes shape primarily in the Hivos Triodos Fund (HTF) and the North-South Savings Plan. HTF combines the knowledge about banking and development processes: knowledge that is used for providing microfinance and other financial services. The capital for HTF originates from the savings of Dutch clients who place their money in North-South accounts with Triodos Bank.

Enterprises such as Loyens & Loeff, Yacht and PwC provide knowledge and expertise, free of charge, to improve the operations of Hivos and its partners. The partnership with Kruidenier Foodservices, one of the largest companies in its field in the Netherlands, resulted in the sourcing of fruit produced in Latin America by means of sustainable methods.

With Rabobank Foundation, Hivos works to promote sustainable energy in developing countries. In this partnership, the network of fifty Hivos partners that are active in this field is linked with the financial services of Rabobank Foundation, for example small loans to farmers for building biogas digesters. Businesses also participate in the Hivos Climate Fund.