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Hivos and the IFFR

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

George Orwell (British writer and journalist)

The Hivos Tiger Award is the flagship competition of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). In 2017, eight new films competed for the coveted Hivos Tiger Award, which is accompanied by a €40.000 cash prize. The winner was the largely improvised Indian film Sexy Durga, by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan. The jury admired the film: “For its daring and resourceful approach in creating a mood of constant tension, providing an insight into multi-layered power dynamics of gender, class and authority.” In addition to the main award, the Hivos Tiger Competition also gives a Special Jury Award. This went to Chilean filmmaker Niles Atallah, who in his Hubert Bals Fund-supported film Rey experimented with puppets, masks and stop-motion animation. “The results culminated in this astonishing work of art”, in the enthusiastic words of the jury.

Hivos supports filmmakers worldwide

Filmmakers tell stories that challenge, shock or cheer us. They show us cultures from a perspective we may not be familiar with. Especially in countries where freedom of expression is not a given, filmmakers should be able to make their voices heard.

Hivos supports a free and open cinema climate, not only as head sponsor of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and partner of the Hubert Bals Fund, but also by working with filmmakers in countries like Syria, Cuba and Zimbabwe. In places where freedom is hard won, these people produce movies and documentaries that tell a genuine story and need a platform. Hivos supports these filmmakers and gives them a voice. For wherever there is room for dissent and new voices, there is space for people with all their differences.

All the festivals and cultural spaces we support in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Netherlands help strengthen the cultural landscape, foster the exchange of ideas and facilitate exchanges between artists. They provide an ideal platform for cultural expression, public debate and cultural exchange both nationally and internationally, while offering artists the opportunity to reach wide audiences and distribute their work through larger networks.