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Farming Matters magazine

Some of you will remember we worked hard in Madurai India to develop  inputs for a special issue of Farming Matters magazine on agricultural  biodiversity. 

The result is a colourful magazine full of inspirational stories on  transformation, on scaling up, on changes that are happening in the  agricultural landscape. Check out the authors you might already know  more about (like Elizabeth or Michael, Andrew or Fariz) and read other  stories that might bring you a new perspective, new insights, new ideas.  Enjoy reading this issue and let's share it with others!! Any comments  are most welcome on the agriculturesnetwork website.

And, for those who are interested to join the debates and launches in  the different countries this and next month: India, Senegal, Brazil,  Peru, Netherlands: We aim to put more detailed information on the website once available.

Here's the link to the Farmers Matters Magazine

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