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DDP Grant Examples


An important NGO in Bahrain conducted a project with DDP’s support in 2015 aimed at providing direct support to activists on the ground through digital security training and security tools such as VPNs. They established a small Digital Security Network inside Bahrain that allows them to disseminate threat alerts to the activist community as well as work together with them on research projects and training courses. DDP gave this organisation a follow-up grant in 2016, with which they can provide more training for at-risk communities, conduct new research and new investigations concerning digital security, expand the network of Digital Security Experts in the region, and provide direct technical support and security tools to those in need within the country.


Over the past two years, many secular bloggers and progressive voices in Bangladesh have been hacked to death, physically assaulted, or intimidated because of expressing their opinions on religion and politics online over social media and personal blogs. Under its mandate to protect the right to freedom of expression, DDP helped several organisations to provide comprehensive training for a vulnerable and threatened group of 10 bloggers and human rights defenders Bangladesh.


One of the main NGOs in Kyrgyzstan promoting LGBTI rights is continuously a target of online threats. In 2016, the tense situation on the border with Uzbekistan and internal political developments surrounding the presidential elections spurred on the activities of nationalist groups. Marginalised groups were often their target, resulting in e.g. the prohibition of so-called “gay propaganda” and the criminalisation of sex work. In this context, it is very important to protect LGBTI organisations and their staff on all levels. DDP therefore arranged for a trusted security consultant to work with this NGO, providing security training and secure devices so staff could continue their work safely.