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Creating a biogas sector: an interactive explanation (EN, ES, FR)

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The Hivos and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation biogas programme provides entrepreneurial farmers with a useful and affordable tool to produce (clean) energy. With it, these famers save time and money for their business and make their home a healthier place. However, biogas digesters installed as part of the programme stand at the centre of an intricate network that reaches beyond the backyards of farming families.

Farmers do play an important role in this network, but masons, bankers, carbon traders, local producers, contractors and markets play their part as well. All these actors benefit when biogas digesters are installed, but they will also see their surroundings, status and health improve. They exchange money, but also goods, rights, power and knowledge. They are all part of a wheelwork of progress.

This wheelwork of progress can be explored through our interactive infographic (EN). Simply click on one of the actors to view the exchanges and read more about his or her part in the sector. Spanish version. French version.

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