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Co-financing II Multi-Annual Report (2011-2015)

This report (see 'Documents' in right sidebar) presents the outcomes, challenges and lessons of the People Unlimited 4.1 Programme, which was implemented between 2011 and 2015 with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). People Unlimited 4.1 is the alliance of Hivos, Free Press Unlimited, Mama Cash and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Closure of Dutch co-financing scheme MFS II

It marks the formal closure of the Dutch co-financing scheme MFS II – the grant framework 2011-2015 for Dutch civil society organisations (CSOs). In contrast with annual reports for MFS II, this document focuses on the outcome level. The multi-annual report presents these outcomes from an analytical and reflective angle, highlighting lessons learned and explaining the context of the initiatives undertaken, including factors that often had a profound influence on achievements, or were cause for adjusting our work or strategy.

End-of-term report methodology

It is important to underscore here the methodological distinction between an evaluation and an end-of-term report. MFS II, including the Alliance’s work, has already been evaluated in a rigorous manner. The findings presented here are grounded in evidence ranging from information collected through partner organisation reports, evaluations conducted over the years – including the final external MFS II evaluation – case studies undertaken and a partner survey focusing on satisfaction and civil society strengthening. Data collection, especially regarding Result Area 1 on outcomes in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), started in the summer of 2015 and continued until spring 2016. A series of reflection and validation meetings were then held at Hivos regional hubs with partners, and separately with partners such as the Triodos Bank. Evidence sources of the quantitative and qualitative outcomes achieved over 2011-2015 can be found in the various annexes, accessible through hyperlinks in the report.

Table of contents

The report is organised as follows: Chapters 1 to 4 cover Result Areas 1 (MDGs), 2 (capacity development support), 3 (civil society strengthening) and 4 (Lobby & Advocacy). These chapters present the results obtained and the obstacles and challenges encountered. They also include a reflection and an analytical summary. Chapter 5 provides answers to questions posed specifically by the MFA in relation to this report. The report ends with an epilogue, which looks back at these past years and ahead at the challenges and opportunities to come.