Hivos International

Capacity Development

Effective organisations are needed to alleviate poverty, fight injustice and bring about real and lasting social and environmental changes. Developing the capacity of partners is therefore a key part of how we work. This can range from enhancing basic management and administrative skills to specialised training on international advocacy, networking and fundraising. An added advantage of capacity development is that our partners operate more independently.

Developing small new organisations into strong civil society actors

Small new groups and organisations, often of an activist nature, play an important role in innovating civil society. They are strong driving forces behind the public debate on controversial issues and changing social relationships. Our capacity development is aimed primarily at strengthening their organisation, tightening their relationship with their support base, helping them develop a strategy and – where relevant – join networks of organisations or social movements with similar objectives.

Increasing the effectiveness and strategic quality of more developed organisations

More developed organisations also have capacity-related needs. Hivos aims at boosting their effectiveness and expertise within the specific role they play. At this stage, capacity development often consists of human resource, organisational and institutional development.

Human resource development may focus on adding to the partner's (sector) expertise or providing technical training to extension officers, credit officers, lobbyists and sometimes administrative staff and management to improve how they implement core activities. Hivos assists with funding and in identifying consultants and training institutions.

Organisational development provides funds and contacts for strategic planning, administrative and financial reporting systems, management information systems, and result assessment. 

Regarding institutional development, Hivos advises partner organisations on how to build horizontal and vertical networks amongst government bodies, politicians, civil society organisations and private sector companies within the broader context of their work.