Hivos International

Alternative & Independent Media Facts & Figures

Engagement: 750 journalists trained
Expression: 50 media channels operational
Partners: 62
Countries: 16
Major donors: CIDA, DANIDA, DfiD, Dutch Foreign Ministry, Hewlett Foundation, Omidyar Network, SIDA, SNV, World Bank

  • In a number of countries in Africa and West Asia, Hivos-managed funds contributed to better training of journalists and better quality media, resulting amongst other things in bringing more corruption cases to light.
  • In 2012, Hivos partner organisations such as the Independent Media Centre Kurdistan and  MidEastYouth contributed to the increased access to information of exiled media and participative media formats that give citizens a voice in Iran, Iraq and Syria.
  • Thanks to the training given to (citizen) journalists by Hivos partners in Africa and West Asia,  the diversity and quality of information and news have greatly increased.
  • Hivos media  initiatives (funds) in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia have contributed to an increase in the number of independent media channels.